Interior Design For Couples

When you attempt to undertake an interior design project as a couple, things can become a little difficult, if there is a difference of opinion or clashing of tastes. As in most cases there will need to be a little compromise. Here we share with you some top tips from the very best interior designers in London


Before you begin any interior design project, it is important that you are both clear on exactly what you want to achieve. If you are moving in together for the first time, do an inventory of what you both have, decide what you want to keep and then make your to do list.

Create a mood board

One of the most used interior designer in London tools that can help give you inspiration is the mod board. On to this you can place images of furniture that you like, colour choices and fabric samples. If you both do this then you will instantly get a clear visual image of how you want the room to look, that will then open up a discussion.

Hit the shops for inspiration

For the ultimate interior design in London look, you really need to get out there and visit shops and specialist boutiques, in order to find what you want. It needn’t be the most expensive, but it will help give you focus. Shopping together will also help you to talk openly about what you really want.

Make the home your own

When undertaking any interior design project in your home, it is important that it feels like yours. As any interior design in London firm will tell you, the space should speak to you on some kind of personal level. As a couple, both personalities need to be reflected in the space, so be sure that is achieved.

Utilise your own strengths

What every interior designer in London focuses upon is their own strengths, and this is exactly what you should do as a couple. If you have a talent for painting and art, then use it. Your partner may be more good with their hands and able to build their own furniture.

We hope that these ideas by interior designers in London have been helpful to you. Happy creating.